(MAC) Cubase 5 / Reason 4 RAM usage?


Does anyone know how using these 2 programs together utilizes RAM on a Snow Leopard Machine? I get that because both programs are 32 bit, either program can only use 4GB of RAM on their own. Is it possible (probably dreaming here) that when both programs are open (using Rewire) that each are using 4GB of RAM separately (thus using all 8GB)?

My guess is that they’re sharing the same 4GB, but I wonder if anyone knows for sure…thanks!

I can answer this part of the question because there is no doubt that someone knows for sure.

Both programs have their own processes which could theoretically run up to 4 GB each. But in practice you’ll note that Cubase manages most of the memory when rewired to Reason. Watch the memory allocation in Activity Monitor while you load bigger sample patches in Reason. You’ll see that Cubase’s share will grow significantly while Reason’s amount stays relatively small.

Thanks for the reply, Georg. It was really interesting to see how little RAM was actually being used when I checked the activity monitor. Even with both programs open there was at least 1.5 GB free of the 4GB available. Funny how even 2GB of RAM seemed enormous 5 years ago when I bought this machine.
Cheers & Happy New Year!