[Mac] Cubase Screen goes white

After working with Cubase (5 and 6) the screen eventually starts to turn white when bringing up tool box, or other command (see screenshot). Anyone else experience this? Restart is required to get back to normal.

Anything I can try?


Screen shot 2011-03-19 at 12.16.26.jpg

Hm… that looks a little like a the interface a 32 bit plugin has when being used in 64-bit Cubase, but you are saying that bringing up the toolbox has that same effect? UAD-1 is a 32-bit plugin if I read correctly.

So, is Cubase in 64-bit mode? (in the Finder get info on Cubase 6 there’s a 32-bit mode option)

Just to be sure, do you mean the right-click tool box?

All 32-bit here. I can work for days without problems, then all of a sudden - white screen. I suspected a ‘running out of memory’ issue, but I can’t be certain

Strange. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

This happens when Cubase gets close to it’s 32bit memory limit. Happens to me all the time with larger sessions. Can’t wait to switch to 64bit.

I get strange graphics problems when Cubase gets close to the 32bit limit on my PC too. In my case it actually looks like the Cubase graphics are melting… its really weird.

Same problem that I am experiencing,except only on one project for me. If I open the same project in Cubase 5 it doesn’t exhibit the white screen. It also started happening to me after a crash. I suspect crappy plugins and corruption in my project file, so I’m doing a reinstall. It makes Cubase 6 unusable for me otherwise.

I’m getting exactly the same thing. Using 32 bit mode (i7 mac with 12GB RAM). Sometimes the screen goes white when I move a block in the arrange window, sometimes it just goes white by itself. It’s normally a precursor to a crash (the lovely mac kind where everything just disappears). This is really annoying, and I wish Steinberg would at least acknowledge these problems- I see the original post here was in March and still no fix - blaming it on plugins isn’t good enough, the cubase architecture should take charge of it’s own resources. :angry:

For Mac, make sure colors is set to millions and not thousands.

Same for me here. Had to open the Mac’s Activity Monitor before I realized what was actually happening. I think the situation would be improved if Cubase (or maybe it is the fault of 3rd-party plugins such as Kontakt 5?) that were better at releasing RAM when unloaded… I have seen, like, 3G of RAM being returned to “inactive RAM” rather than “free RAM”, when closing a project, or even when closing Cubase.
In such cases, I have to restart the Mac, if I am intending to load another RAM-heavy Project afterwards.

(or maybe it is the fault of 3rd-party plugins such as Kontakt 5?)

Really? Have you actually had this happen with Kontakt 5 in 32 bit mode? Wow. I haven’t bumped into this yet and I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve encountered this blank-out issue with a few legacy PPC plugs…and either updated them (wherever possible) or finally just deleting them.

Yes, but I have no way of knowing whether it was Kontakt that was responsible. All I know is that it happens when free RAM is getting dangerously low. (I suppose I’d have to load up my other sampler, MachFive 3, instead, with a similar load.)
Although I have a vague memory of this happening also, a while back, when I had loaded two instances of Amplitube 3… which, I was horrified to learn, loads all of its “potential” contents, even if using only a single stomp box! However, I’d have to check back, see if that Project was also using Kontakt 5.

(BTW, it isn’t just the plugin GUI that “whites out”, it is the entire currently-open Cubase window)

I’m totally convinced this is a ‘memory getting low’ issue. I now run my big plugs in Ensemble, to get past the 4Gb ceiling, and have had no problems since.


Same problem here. Whenever i want to move a part, select a part by dragging the mouse, want to edit automation points, try to move midi notes in the ke-editor… the screen goes white…

Still no solution i take it?

Tnx Jord

This happens to us on two different machines - a mac pro and an iMac.

On the Mac Pro with 18gb Ram and 32bit version it happens in the midi window - when you click the mouse pointer the whole screen goes white. Exit the midi window (or don’t use the mouse!) and its fine again.

Whats weird for me though is its definitely not memory - restarting the mac won’t help. It happens towards the end of the day, as if it’s a heat related problem with the graphics card. Can’t be this either though as we see it on two different machines and with no other software.

…btw, the same Projects that were causing this issue for me, work fine in 64-bit mode (on the same machine).

It happens to me and i have 54gb ram available lol

This has been happening to me a lot over the past couple of years… I’m still running cubase in 32 bit mode for the particular project I’m working on due to the plugins I’m using.

The culprit always seems to be VST AMP, I’ve noticed a short while after loading this plugin I get this crash, I’ll go to move an object on the screen and the whole screen will turn white until I stop dragging the object… it will happen evertime I click and drag on something… Then if I remove VST AMP it fixes the problem… but if I continue to work with it the program becomes really unstable… to the point it where it will just instantly crash and vanish from the screen leaving just a crash report…

This is now happening with a clean instalation of Yosemite and a clean instal of Cubase Pro 8 (which I recommend doing as it seems to have fixed a few other bugs I had)

Ive been gettign these white screens a lot and I am runnign Cubase 8.10 on 10.9.5
I have checked activity monitor and it shows Cubase using under 3GB

Same problem. My cubase is basically unusable

I have Cubase 10 or 11 i cant remember. 64 bit. Mac, recently upgraded my Mac OS.

Is there a solve here?