Mac Dorico 5 Content installation

I bought the upgrade to Dorico Pro 5 and downloaded everything that goes with it. While the items were downloading I got a large number of error messages stating that moving certain files from the download folder to somewhere else had failed. All I could do was click on OK, and at the end the download manager indicated that the downloads were successful.

Now I have 17 GB of Steinberg files in my download folder. What should I do with them?

You can delete everything from the Steinberg folder in your Downloads folder once you’re sure everything is properly installed.

The thing is, I’m not sure if everything is properly installed. How can I check?

If you run Dorico Pro 5 and it runs up without showing you any warnings about missing components, you can be sure that everything is installed correctly.

Thanks for the quick reply. Dorico doesn’t give me any error message on startup, so I’l throw away the files in the Downloads folder.

Ok, here’s what happened: I trashed the files, and Dorico then told me on startup that the following components were missing:

Indian Drum Basics
Groove Agent SE 5 - Content
Olympus Choir Micro
HALion Symphonic orchestra

I ran the Download Assistant and installed all these things again. There was no error message on startup, but there were 16 GB of files in my Downloads folder. I trashed these files, and now Dorico is giving me the same error message as before.

Open the Steinberg Library Manager, and look at the location of the files under those catagories under “Details”.

Check those locations, and see if the files are Aliases to the ones in your Downloads folder.

You can replace the aliases with the actual files.

It’s also possible this is caused by the wrong permissions on the subfolders of:
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content.

Make sure that they can be written to by your user.

Thanks for the help, Benwiggy. I looked at the locations of the files with the Steinberg Library Manager. There don’t seem to be any aliases. Some files are in Library/ApplicationSupport/Steinberg/Content. Some are in the Downloads folder. It’s a mess. I tried using the “Move” function to put all the files into the Library, but the mess only seems worse: there are now some duplicates in subfolders and most files are still in the Downloads folder. There’s no way I am going to try to manually correct all this.

Here’s what I’m doing now: I have deleted absolutely everything I can find that is related to Dorico or Steinberg. I’m now going to do a complete install from scratch: I’ll report back when it’s done.

I’m installing things one by one. Here’s the first error message:

HALion Sonic 7.0.10 - Instrument (recommended)
Installation failed due to an unknown error
The installer was successfully downloaded to the specified target folder.
To launch the installer manually, please double click the installer file.

So I have double-clicked the installer file and HALion Sonic is apparently successfully installed.

On with the next!

It seems to have worked. There were no more error messages and there were only 2.7 GB of files left in the Downloads folder. I don’t know why there were still 22 sound files in there, but they all seemed to have duplicates in the corresponding folder in the Library, so I have trashed them.

All in all, this cost me quite a lot of time and was very annoying, but it seems that all is well that ends well.

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Make sure that those files in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg are not aliases to the Download folder files.

Thanks again. There are no aliases. The files left in the Downloads folder are duplicates of files in the Library.

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