Mac eLicenser Control Center Menu

Can anyone tell me how to access the pull down menu that contains “File, Registration, Actions, Support, and Help” on a Mac?

I mean really, someone must know - my friend has a Mac and when I told him to open that window, he says there is no pull down menu. Is there some secret click you need to know to activate it?

Has he downloaded the e-licenser software and installed it. If he has it will be in the applications folder.
If double clicked it should open. He may need to plug the USB e-licenser, but I think it open anyway.

He has the software and the window on his Mac is missing the menu. It is on my PC just fine so I thought there might be some sort of trick as to where to see his menu…it’s be easier if I coould see his computer but he’s far away.

Mac applications don’t generally have menus on the Windows from what I’ve seen.
The menu for the selected window is always at the top of the screen.

Grim is right.
There should be the menu items on drop down lists along the top of the screen. Sometimes the maintenance window appears but that is probably because I have a USB dongle inserted or something else running. Let me know and I will run mine and see what I get on the screen.

Thanks. I guess my friend just didn’t look up! I knew it would be there somewhere…