MAC eLicenser errors

Is anybody else getting random eLicenser errors on a mac?

They are mostly ‘eLicenser Control - Error’ boxes for the Cubase App which result in Cubase terminating itself, but I’ve also for example had them for Groove Agent, and this just results in an annoying error box which can be simply clicked away with no further problems in Cubase, or even GA4!

I get them every few days on a system that is used full time, and they started for me on 9.5 and are still happening with 9.5.20.

I have no problems with other USB devices including iLok.

I have no problems with the eLicenser App which is the latest (released a few days ago to fix errors occurring on PC’s…)

I have no problems with Vengeance Plugins which are eLicenser protected in other programs - it’s just Cubase.

I’ve bought a new eLicenser to see if it was that - its made no difference.

It doesn’t matter what USB port the eLicenser is in - built in USB2 or PCi USB3.

There have been a lot of reported eLicenser problems recently on windows, so I’m figuring there’s a good chance that this is software based…

Here is what I do when I have that kinda issue with the license app

  1. Download the current e licenser installer and run the installer, select UNINSTALL e licenser
  2. Re boot the Mac
  3. Run installer again
  4. Re boot Mac
  5. Open up licenser and let it do its maintenance thing
  • If that doesnt work I move to the following:
    Here’s how to reset your PRAM:
  1. Shut down your machine. Yes, all the way down, not sleep or logging out.
    Press the power button and then press command-option-p-r. …
    Hold those keys down until your Mac reboots again and you here the startup chime.
    Let go of the keys and let your Mac reboot normally.

  2. Reset your SMC

Thanks for the reply shanabit - there’s some good advice there.

However, ALL this has been done. I seriously don’t any issues on this machine, other than with the eLicenser.

I too started having problems with the elicenser with 9.5. It always occurs in starting up Cubase, hanging longer on loading processes and then telling me repeatedly that the artist sets aren’t authorized. I bought the latest elicenser too and that narrowed the problem down to between restarts.

That’s when I noticed the elicenser light was staying off after I restarted, so I have a new habit of not bothering to turn it on (my hub has a power switch) until the system is up and running, and turning it off and back on after a restart. The hub is not the problem. It saves me from having to unplug and replug the dongle in, saving mechanical wear and tear. After years of working perfectly it started with the 9.5 upgrade. Like you, I ran through all the troubleshooting and maintenance tasks before and after throwing more money at Steinberg’s copy protection scheme (for the record, I like the dongle when it works).

Im not using a USB HUB see BTW, straight into the back of my MacPro

CURRENT eLincenser Software is