(MAC) Embracer sound.

It seems that Embracer’s Sample & Hold pad means a lot for some of my songs.
Can’t use it anymore for it needs PPC.

Does anyone know of a similar sound in other Vsti’s for C6.5 Lion?


Aloha R,

I REALLY miss Embracer. To my ears nothings sounds(ed) quite like it.

‘Omnisphere’ comes the closest to me and of course has those killer sounds of its own.

Embracer was the ‘MSG’ in much of my work.

Probably wrong on this but it might be possible to still run it if
you run 32bit OS and 32bit Cubase.



Tried that curteye, doesn’t work in Lion. :frowning: (Rosetta?)
Installed C6 on Snow L on a separate disk to capture the audio from Embracer but then I get warning messages about e-licencer and I’m afraid if I proceed my licences are being damaged.


Bummer. Sounds like it’s time to move on.