Mac finder

I’m fairly new to wavelab. As a mac user I find the save dialog in wavelab nearly impossible to use.
Finding the directory I want to save in amongst my large file system using a diretory tree style navigation takes a significant amount of time and a memory I simply don’t posses :grinning:. Is there a way to use the mac finder to save files or montages? If I can just use the mac finder to find the directory I want, I’m then happy to return to the wavelab path dialog.

I’m with you. My brain cannot work with the native WaveLab File Browser. If you enable this setting, you’ll get the normal Mac file window for opening/saving files:

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Amazing thank you again!

No problem. I also use this app which makes it even faster to get the native MacOS browser to a more ideal place:

With one shortcut, it makes it very fast to get to your most recently accessed folder. It’s one of those apps I didn’t think I needed but once you have it, it’s hard to be without if you like to work fast.

Yes I use DefaultFolderX as well, I could’t stand to work without it at this point. :grinning: I can’t believe apple haven’t built some of these things into the finder by now. Love the currently open folders function and the ability to click on any open window to go there, so much faster and less brain work than navigating directory trees!

Yeah, DefaultFolderX is essential now. Hopefully the other setting will help WaveLab feel more Mac-like.

One thing I do like about WaveLab that is not very Mac-like is that in the Render Ribbon Tab, you can manually edit certain characters of the file/folder path and if that folder doesn’t exist yet, it will be created by WaveLab.

For me, that makes it handy when I already have a folder structure in place, but want to change the rendered folder from say 2496 to 1644. It’s a very fast way to do it compared to manually making the folder first in the Mac Finder, or the pop-up MacOS window.

Yes the file path edit thing took me a while to get use to but I am now finding it a really useful feature.

One other thing that I’m still getting used to and I’m wondering if there’s a preference for this, is that clicking on an open plugin window overrides the selected clip in terms of plugin edit. Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean.

Because of this I’m forever opening and adjusting plugins from wrong clip because I assume the selected clip is the the one who’s clip tab is showing. Is there a way to change this behaviour so that the selected clip’s plugin tab always shows regardless of which plugin window I click on ?

There is a way, because I have it set to work how you want it to. The problem is that I can’t remember where this setting is, but this topic came up somewhat recently and PG somewhat recently addressed it.

It might require using Plugin Chain Windows, but I can’t be certain. See attached.

Maybe @PG1 can say more.

Ohhh - I had no idea this was even changeable! I too am driven slightly crazy by the WL filebrowser - this will improve my life - thanks!

Thanks. None of these option do what I am after. It seems like you have a choice between having multiple plugin windows open and visible (which is the only way I can work efficiently) and making the plugins you see linked to the selected clip. None of these settings will give you both these things a the same time as afar as I can tell.

Ah, maybe it works for me because I use the Plugin Chain Window which I really like for staying organized. Maybe WaveLab can’t switch all the multiple plugin GUIs if they’re not in a Plugin Chain Window because there is too much going on.

I would consider making a new thread on this forum as a feature request for what you’re trying to do.

Ok will do thanks.