[Mac] Fixed the 'crash on open' prob. (I think)

Aloha guys,

Loving C8P so far and the only real prob has been crashing on opening. Bummer.

C8P would open ‘normally’ and with no problems about once every four times.
‘Safe Start Mode’ always worked just fine but to use, is not very ‘elegant’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

However, once up-and-‘running’, C8P is smooth and solid.
Very nice and not one crash after starting so far.

Then realized that my dongle shared an ‘unpowered’ hub with my computer keyboard.
(my wireless kybrd went south a while back)

So I plugged the dongle directly into the computer and was able to start C8P
19 times straight without a single crash.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is the answer and
I will be getting a new wireless keyboard asap.

Good Luck and
HTH (hope this helps)

OK so the ‘fix’ is not working.
Tried again today and C8P is back to having start-up probs.

Back to the drawing boards.

Sorry to hear Mr. Eye. :wink: Any common non steinberg plugins in the project or default.cpr?

I haven’t crashed in 4 days yet on huge projects. Admittedly Im very wary of 3rd party plugs. though use pretty common version I knew worked well in 7.5.

Im running Yosemite 10.10 (not with the update 01. I find cubase just works better without the 01 update) and its been a dream so far. Everything advertised.

That said i hope you figure out whats plaguing you on the crashes. Never fun for the creative types.