[MAC] - Free Middle Click Utility now available...

One of my favourite ways of navigating around the Cubase arrange page is by using my middle mouse button.

I got into this habit before I moved to the Mac, where often middle click is ignored due to the focus on trackpads, the minimalist magic mouse etc. I’ll wager that most Mac users don’t even know this scroll mode exists…

For my desktop, I use a cheap Microsoft mouse, precisely because it has a middle click scroll wheel. However, when I’m on the laptop, or using a trackpad/magic mouse etc, I lose the ability to be able to smoothly scroll around the arrange page.

So, here’s a little key command utility we made that emulates middle-click functionality:

Download MouseTrap: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9569550/MouseTrap.zip

  1. Extract the zip and run the app.
  2. Set the key command that opens the app interface , and then set the key command that will actually emulate middle click (I use one key - the tilde key). If you like, you can set it to launch automatically when you restart.
  3. You should find that whilst you’re holding down the key command for middle click, moving the mouse drags the page around smoothly.

Remember your key commands :slight_smile:

Once the app disappears, you can recall it again by using the key command you set in step 2. If you wish to shut it down, just quit it from the activity monitor. If you have it set to launch upon login, you can either deselect this option in the app interface and then restart/re-logon, or just manually remove it from your login items (System Preferences -> users)

I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do.