Mac GUI fixed?

Hi, has anyone on mac tried it and if so, is the (sometimes) unbearable gui sluggishness fixed?

I would like to know this as well


I’m experiencing it with Cubase 8.5.20 on Mavericks 10.9.5, but I think it is because of my weak videocard (stock Nvidia GT120 512mb) and the high demanding video resources from OS X. Don’t think is a Cubase issue as it aslo happens with Pro Tools 12.

Never had any sluggishness here.

I noticed you have a Hackintosh, maybe its better for the GUI?

Other from that It seems to be a general issue when handling audio events and zooming. For example, moving an audio event when magnified is really sluggish and actually quite difficult to move it where you want to. Interestingly enough, when slipping it is fine, not sluggish…weird no me.

Oh I know the issue your talking about now.
It comes and goes , I’ve not seen it in s little while though.

not fixed in C9 - EQ frequency graph stutters and the inspector glitches on a trash can mac.

Are you SERIOUS!? Can more people who are using C9 (not 8.5) specifically on standard Macs (not Hackintosh) report on this?

Anybody else? This, along with CPU efficiency improvement, is a deal-breaker for me. Would love to hear more reports.

I’m still getting GUI lag. Not sure if it’s from older projects started in 8.5 but it still lags. Moving your mouse lags the play head too. Some things are snappy but the main things that we used on a daily basis are laggy LIKE ZOOMING in and out :cry:

Great. No more nice guy on here: What a fucking drag. Looks like I’m out.

Pro tools 12 is so damn snappy cubase team couldn’t focus on what really matters :cry:

Also have MBP. although it’s not my main system, I’ve never noticed any gui sluggishness there either.

Nothing wrong on my Apple TB 27" external but I recall problems on my MBPr internal retina display.

It was super bad on my old external monitor through TB --> DVI adapter.

I haven’t experienced anything like this with my “trash can” Mac.

In the hopes of me coming back to Cubase at some point: Could the few of you that are NOT experiencing any kind of sluggishness/jerkiness when zooming, etc., please please please get in touch with Fabio/Steinberg Tech and tell them? It’s clearly a major problem for many users on many different forums that I’ve visited, and it would help Steinberg to know about any systems that are not experiencing it. Thank you so much! (I’ve got a trashcan Mac 6-core, and PT and Reaper and any other apps I can think of are/were all perfectly crisp-moving and fast at all times on it; just Cubase has this issue for me.)

I’ll try C9 when the Trial is available, maybe I jumped the gun…though there are some here who are still experiencing the issue. We need to hear from a lot more Mac users on this!

Still not fixed for me at least the Gui Slugginess but i hope as is really early they will fix it soon.

What kind of Mac, what kind of monitor(s) are you using, and what connection type to your Mac are they?

It shouldn’t matter since all other apps work fine except Cubase in this regard, but maybe we can narrow down the problem to help.

Hi guys I just downloaded sierra. The mixconsole lag disappeared when moving my mouse around. but the GUI lag is still there on the project page it’s not as bad but still not good. I can tell so far from my experience sierra is way more solid than el captain.: From my experience:.Pro tools performance drop on sierra :confused: