Mac hacker....

The engineer who has been ‘helping’ me to learn cubase 7 has been slowly setting up my mac computer to hack into it. He set up a custom guest user and changed things in ‘sharing’ parental control and lots of other things. I am told he probably wanted to remotely use my computer as a base to send out malware. He also has downloaded bitlord and torrent and ( which might be fine, not sure )

Unfortunately i allowed him to use his USB stick to download some drum samples. I didn’t ask for them and i don’t know what else he has put onto my mac from doing this

I have changed all my passwords and deactivated guest user, had to come off icloud and turn off bluetooth etc.

I still have problems with my mac and cubase, some of which are normal and some possibly from what he has done.
I just need someone who understands macs fully enough to be able to check that my mac is clean from any other malware he has left.

Essentially i need someone who understands about hacking - but who i can trust!!

It has taken me a couple of years to get my studio up to date, so this has been a big set back and i don’t know where else to turn!!

Aloha v,

You won’t want to hear this but I would ‘take the long way home’.

Nuke and Pave.

Take a day and wipe yer hard drive then re-install everything. (OS included)

Yes it will be a PITA but guaranteed to work.

Good Luck!

Oh dear Violet,

I am very sorry to hear that and I hope you get it sorted asap.

Not sure what software you were using but I have only run remote-access using ‘Team Viewer’.



Good advice from curteye…it’s the only way…

Thanks for advice…i don’t know how to do that, but get what you are saying, cheers

It’s is kinda like learning to change a tire.
Once you do it you will say: "that was easy.
Just time consuming.

These links can get you started:

One added benefit of nuke and pave is yer 'puter will ‘feel’ like a brand new ax.
‘Zippier’ and faster (for a while)

Good Luck!