Mac: Halion 5 in Cubase 7 Crashing

Anyone running Cubase 7 with Halion 5 (latest versions of OS, Cubase, and Halion 5) had issues with Halion crashing and taking Cubase with it while browsing presets? Every time I use Halion 5, it crashes at some point. I have yet to actually make music with it – I’ve only had it just over a day. All I’ve been doing it loading it up in Cubase and browsing presets.

It seems to crash right after a preset loads. It doesn’t seem to matter which preset either. If I go back to that same preset after a crash, it will load right up without issue.

Sometimes it crashes after a few minutes, sometimes it can go for 2 hours before crashing, but in all cases, the only thing I am doing it browsing presets. Not playing back or recording sequences, not using any other plugins, etc.

I reinstalled once and repaired permissions. I also opened a ticket with support. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or has any ideas.

Ok, I think I figured it out:

There are a number of presets that use the surround panner effect. If you load these patches without the proper outputs setup in “VST Connections” you’ll get a small red triangle in the HALion interface with hint text that reads something to the effect of “some audio connections are unavailable…” If you just ignore this and keep loading various patches with these effects, within 5 - 10 patches you’ll get a crash. If you never load any of these patches, HALion will keep playing sounds happily for hours. (The problems patches all start with 4.0 and 5.1 in their names)

Not sure if it still happens if you have the proper outputs set up. I don’t have an audio interface that supports surround. Also not sure if it’s a Mac-only problem or not. I am using the VST version so it’s possible it could affect the PC platform as well.

Seems like a bug to me. Although I only have one system to test it on at the moment, so I guess in theory it could just be me.

I can reproduce this on a brand new PC as well. Just double-click on any patch that starts with 4.0 repeatedly (load it multiple times in a row) until HALion and Cubase crash.

I can confirm and reproduce here as well.

This used to happen in Halion 4 as well as a matter of fact.

I’ve owned Halion 5 for about an hour and it’s crashed Cubase about 4 times. I haven’t had time to figure out the specifics of why but I was just trying to open a single program. I’ll post more once I know what I’m doing.

I can confirm that the 4.0 presets Crash Halion 5 on my Mac