[Mac] Halion Sonic 2 and Yosemite. Anyone yet to try it ?

Aloha guys,

I know Halion Sonic 2 is NOT yet officially compatible:


But still wondering if any one has yet tried this combination.

Either with C7.5 or C8P using Yosemite.

TIA (thanks in advance)

I used it on Yosemite without problems ; but it was installed on Mavericks and the i updated to Yosemite.

Now i did a fresh install of Yosemite on a new hd and i can’t install Halion , it says i need at least OSX 10.6 ! WTF ? I’ve paid a lot of money in this VST and now i can’t use it anymore ?

Aloha d and thanks for the report.

Bummer about Halion.
Just wondering?
Which version of Halion is that you are using (or now trying to use)?

I ask because I don’t own Halion.
I use HalionSonic 2 on my ‘live’ gigs (because it loads very fast)
and was wondering about that plug.

Still again; thanks to you for sharing.

Hi Curteye,

After some research i could install Halion Sonic 2 using a tool called ‘Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Yosemite’ ; however i could not install Halion 5 yet.

At leat Halion Sonic 2 seems to be working ok, i’ll do further tests tonight and post here the results.


HS2 on a clean installation of Mavericks is running well after the 10.10.1. upgrade.

The SB App Installer Tool for Yosemite worked without any issues when I installed C8.

Tanx sooooo much for the posts guys.

Just to update:

Halion Sonic 2 running fine here on a new MBP
using OS 10.10.x

Both HALion 5.1 HS 2, Clean install works great ! !

Hi ¡¡
Could you please tell how you did that? I used the Steinberg Application Installer for everything, and worked fine (well, most of it…). But I can’t use it with Halion Sonic 2… When I run the Halion Sonic Installer it said it needs OS 10.6… when I run the Application Installer it said “No Steiberg product found”… I don’t get it, I tried it in every possible order…
How you did it?
Thanks and regards