Mac - import key commands from C5

Hi, is it possible to import my C5 key commands to C6?

I know I can export the key command file from C5 - and even just copy the C5 file to C6 prefs folder, but nothing seems to work… :frowning:

If your Cubase 5 preferences are on the same system as Cubase 6, they are automatically transferred to C6 incl. your key command settings.

Thanks, well, I removed my C5 prefs when installing C6. To avoid conflicts…

Pete, if I understand right, after not being able to reimport your exported key commands from C5 (which really doesn’t seem to work) you have manually copied the C5 commands to the C6 preference folder. I assume you have copied the “Key Commands.xml” file that is directly in the preference folder at the first hierarchy level. I haven’t tried this but as this does not seem to work either I have found another way you can import key commands:

  1. In C5 export the key commands which will create a xml file
  2. In the Cubase preferences folder, place that xml file into the folder “KeyCommands” located under the sub-path “Presets/KeyCommands” along with the other key command presets provided by Steinberg
  3. Open C6 and its key commands window and choose your xml file from the drop-down menu under Presets.

Now you should have your old key commands in C6!

Apologies if I am stating the obvious, but, after having copied the C5 key commands presets folder to the corresponding location in the Cubase 6 Preferences folder, did you actually open the Key Commands dialog, and try loading a preset?

He probably tried the “Import key command file” button where a finder selection window comes up and one should choose a key command preset. But this doesn’t work because strangely you can’t choose anything in that dialog as all xml files are greyed out. The only method that works on my system is the one I described in my previous post.

Thanks for your answers.
Yes, I tried both methods. Import does not work.
It seems I had two different Cubase 5 commands files in my C5 folder. First I had copied the wrong one to my C6 prefs. When copying the right file and loading it in C6 I got my key commands in just fine.

However, the broken import feature was a sad first impression of C6. I hope there want be too much more of that…

And it still hasn’t been fixed more than a year later… :imp:

And not in C7…