[Mac] Is the VST Disk Performance Meter broken?

Is the VST Disk Performance Meter broken in CB 7.5.20?

A project with 43 simultaneous (audio) track doesn’t even register on the meter, during playback. What does register, though, is changing the playback position (even in Stop mode). Then the meter bottoms out (show overload) for a second! This even happens on a project with a single audio track.

Has anyone else noticed this strange behavior?

Aloha S,

Part of me wants to say: yeah!
Lot’s O’ power to spare but
another parts says; hey there is something weird there.

1-What happens if you (temporarily) lower your buffer settings on your 43 track project?
2-Does the meter then show?

Good Luck!

Nope. Makes no difference. I already use a pretty low buffer size (128 samples).

He’s talking about the disk performance meter not the ASIO.

This is completely normal behaviour, basically your disk will be caching so not showing any activity, then moving around your project it will need to fill the cache again hence the meter activity spikes.


Ahh! Ma bad!

I have not seen the disk performance meter in many years.

And now with SSD’s, will it even show at all?