Mac-key-command for "import audio" suddenly changed

Something strange just happened to me: I wanted to import audio-files into a montage - all worked as it should. But I missed a title, so I had to get it into the folder. When I then tried to import again, the key-command “command+I” would now open a window for importing an unspecific file instead of the normal “import-audio” dialogue. So after a couple of attempts I closed WL, reopened - same. Now I downloaded and installed WaveLab v11.2.0 Beta 1, hoping this might solve the problem. This is real weird, as i did lots of projects with no issues at all.

I checked the key-command in the corresponding section - where it says “command+I” as supposed …

Any one else experiencing the same behaviour?

Sorry, but you must be wrong. Cmd-I is to access the Import page of the backstage view, to import various things, but not to insert audio file in a montage. To insert audio file in a montage, there are various ways, such as drag and drop from any browser, or the Insert Ribbon, among others.

I think the default command is Shift + Command + I (at least on Mac) and on my setup, I’ve shortened it to just Command + I since it’s basically the first thing I do for every new WaveLab montage is insert some audio files.

Well, thing is: I was wrong - and I was right. I had changed somewhere in the past a bunch of shortcuts using more or less the once that Justin supplied along with his fabulous videos. As I’m doing a lot of mixing in another program, they seemed to be very convenient to me.

So this way I was always using Cmd+I - and as I mentioned, it is still listed in the key-command section. But all of the sudden and mysteriously it doesn’t do anymore what it always did.

Which now appears to be very inconvenient.

Maybe try to delete the shortcut and re-assign it? Also, are you surely in the Audio Montage? What you describe sounds like what happens if you’re perhaps in the Audio Editor, or if you are truly trying to insert a file that has some strange properties that WaveLab doesn’t recognize.

Yes, I’m in the audio-montage, no doubt. And it’s not the file I want to import, that causes problems - it’s the wrong dialogue opening, before I even can import anything.

Following your idea, I deleted the shortcut. Then went to the montage - and now Cmd+I would cause no reaction at all. I then manually put in Cmd+I for inserting audio in the montage as a keyboard-shortcut - only to go back to the behaviour I have now since a couple of days. Strange it is!

As I might just not see something easily explaining my problem, I attach two screenshots.