Mac M1/M2 Users - HALion/Groove Agent from “poof” crashing

Thought Apple removed the ability to clear NVRAM on the M Macs… That used to be my ‘go to’ for display issues at work, but it doesn’t work anymore. You CAN still ‘reset’ it, but you have to go into the terminal and modify it by hand last time I looked into it…

perhaps, although no one has mentioned that in my research.

The terminal is an ok way to do it/


You go too far. Nobody is moaning or “ranting”. I paid the same $380 whatever dollars you did. Did you just bypass the part that I’ve been working with a 2nd level Steinberg Tech…for like 3 WEEKS…who literally recorded my screen because the crashes were repeatable and some of them were known. He literally had NO CLUE how to fix the crashes. They had nothing to do with my Mac. This is the 3rd M3 platform I’ve upgraded to and it’s the same problems.

Don’t you want the program to be rock solid as well? Or are you ok with it working for you but being a real pain for other people?

The Surround plugin has been broken for like going on 3 plus years. This is unacceptable If that bothers you that I am saying that, then stop reading my posts maybe? I do wish you the best friend.

I feel like we are talking around the issues.

Do this.

  1. Create 4 layers. Put surround plugins on each layer and just start playing and messing with the plugin. You will crash Halion repeatedly.

  2. Load up Logic:
    Load up the “Non Rosetta” version of Logic. Open Halion. The interface is messed up size wise. Correct the interface by resizing things just like you like it. Close the plugin again. THE WINDOW IS MESSED UP AGAIN.

I for one would like these issues to be fixed because it makes it hard to get work done. Plus the issues have been broken for a while. We need. better quality control.


Thanks for the great post and great ideas. I think Steinberg Support and I have narrowed it down to:

  1. Apple M1 Graphics engine bugs
  2. Apple M1 Surround errors.

Steinberg support was the best. We went back and forth for a long time. He kept in there trying to solve the issues. He was aware of some of them. Not of the rest. Some of them seemed to be unknown to them.

Regardless, let’s just hope that things get worked out for ALL OF US. If it “WORKS FOR YOU” but even 22% of the people hare having issues…try to get them sorted out! Goodness. The lack of compassion in the world.


It’s mostly the surround plugin. I use it literally on every sound. Not in the way you would think. I twist oscillators and then rotate them amongst layers in order to create the allusion of “one sound” coming from many. It’s the only way to really nail it. Using the surround plugin at least. It’s called “Zero Point Origination”. You’re hitting a five key chord on what sounds like a really great EP…Halion is generating over 200 stereo voices. From those 5 keys. But it sounds like one EP playing. This is the core of what I call Delta Meridian Sound Design.

The GUI is also a problem under the M1 Platform if you use Logic. I can’t vouch for Cubase as although I own it, I find Logic easier to get my head around. And I’m telling you right now, getting my head around ANYTHING is a struggle!

So I’m not saying the WHOLE program is bad. It’s far from that. I literally love Halion. It’s the most powerful synth on the market. I’m speaking from the audio engine side of things. You can push it much further with clarity than any other engine that I have worked with.

I work with it 10 plus hours a day on the average. I have been able to create some next generation stuff with this plugin so in time we will see how that works out!

Except I don’t call my copy of Halion “Halion”. It’s called SKYFALL and I’m about to unleash it!


I think it’s gone. At least in the way we used to be able to do it. But these issues aren’t related to machine problems. Steinberg is aware of these issues. It’s just a matter of getting them fixed finally!


The entire graphics engine is broken on the M1 platform outside of Cubase. It could be Cubase as well. I’m not sure.

The only way to get around it is to use Rosetta. It will hold the interface that way but certain graphical elements don’t work correctly. You can’t click on the octave up down for example without REALLY nailing it.

Ok, so this is a setting I haven’t messed with in YEARS. The Multi-Processor option. I had it set to 10 cores (Mac Studio). I turned this off and I have much greater stability. Still crashing like 13 times a day or more but I’ll literally take crumbs at this point.