Mac M1 Pro users experiences

I’m interested to know how Mac M1 Pro users are finding C12 and how much ram you are getting by on. How are you making out with multiple softsynths (Omnisphere 2, etc) or demanding fx?

Any info is appreciated- thanks in advance.

Check my existing post on this. In short, incredible performance. Just need more developers to catch up with native plugins. At least half of my bread Snd butter plugins are not yet native, neither is Steinberg cc121. So for now I’m running under Rosetta. Still great performance. 16Gb here.

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Thanks, for the info, Steve- much appreciated!

Same experience here, just floored with how well it performs on my M1pro. I’m on the base model MBP 14", and 16gb of memory is more than enough because I am very aggressive with the streaming from sampler plugins, so I’m literally using 1/4 or less of the RAM that I am on my other computers just because the flash storage is so insanely fast.

Great, thanks for the info- much appreciated!
I guess I should add that if anyone has any info/experience re UAD cards and enclosures via Thunderbolt, I would appreciate that as well.
Thanks again

I have an Octo Card in a Thunderbolt to PCIe enclosure. Works perfectly under Rosetta. Lots of question marks around native support at the moment, so I’m no longer buying new uad plugins.

A project that was struggling in Cubase 11 with an M1 Max is now quite comfortable in Cubase 12, however exporting a mixdown is taking a lot longer in 12.

Thanks again, Steve. Can you tell me what brand/model the enclosure is? I have 3 UAD cards and am trying to sort out what will work properly with current Thunderbolt.

Thank you for the info.