Mac M1: Retrologue 2 not updating properly

I am currently setting up my new mac studio with Cubase 12 and noticed that Retrologue is not loading when I launch Cubase in “native” M1 mode. In Plugin manager it says that it’s 32Bit and when I use Cubase in Rosetta mode to peek at the version number, it gives me version 2.2.20 instead of the newer 2.3.0 as mentioned in the version history.

Downloading and installing the plugin via the Steinberg Download Manager changes nothing - it’s as if the Download Manager just doesn’t replace the old files.

Am I missing something here?

Retrologue 2 is working fine on my M1 Macbook Air

I think I just solved it by going into mac OS’es system settings - > security and privace and ticked all the checkmarks under “Full Disk Access” next to all Steinberg Apps - et voila!

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