Mac M1 Users: Multiple HDs Still Beneficial?

Being someone who has used Cubase for 20 years and a PC user until about a year ago, I am wondering if multiple hard drives are still important, as far as performance is concerned. Let me say, I understand number of writes, backups, etc. I am purely talking about performance only. With mechanical 7200 RPM drives, the school of thought was one drive for the system, one for audio files, and one for samples. Is this still necessary and will it affect performance? The internal SSDs on the Mac M1 is so fast I am wondering if all the extra periferals are necessary assuming you have a large enough SSD to comfortably accommodate everything. Would there be some kind of bottle neck having everything on the same HD?
Again, from a purely performance stand point. I would appreciate some input as I think about my next computer purchase in a year or two.


For performance, I think there is no need to have multiple HDDs with the M1 machines.

Agreed no need for performance wise but for good housekeeping and so not on the os drive I would keep my audio on a separate drive.