Mac M2 downgraded to Ventura Cubase 13

Hello everyone,

Giving some feadback with the Mac m2.
I upgraded to c13.
Also downgraded Mac Os from sonoma back to ventura. Found a noticeable increase in performance with cubase 13.0.10
Runs pretty stable and the mac m2 feels snappier now.

I use also pc with a amd 5900x. I have windows 10 with cubase 12.0.70. Good systems and handles a lot.

Almost a week old with C13 on Os Ventura and for now what can I say,
I’m pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:


Different strokes for different folks I guess !
I’m on Sonoma 14.1.1 ( yes there is an update ) and haven’t run into any issues so far.
16" MacBook Pro M2 Max

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