Mac M2 pro C13 + Pc AMD 5900x C12

Hello everyone,

Using Mac and Pc for various softwares.
I have Cubase 12 pro on a AMD with Windows 10.
I have a second license that I’m using on a Mac M2 pro.
Any tweaks needed for Mac ? What about backround processes?
I find there’s a huge gap in performance even though the M2 pro is more recent.
Ps: Before Sonoma, I was on Ventura and cubase c12 . On the recent update, not sure if it’s called 12…0. 70 like pc. I was able to uncheck rosetta and run native. But same gap in performance compared to c12 with windows. Now I Just Updated to c13 on the Mac only and to see if it got better, and it’s not better. Buffer size is at 512 vs pc at 128.

Any advice would be appreciated

Found the solution! :slight_smile:

Downgraded from Sonoma to Ventura.
Cubase 13 seems smoother than Cubase 12 on Ventura .