[Mac] Mavericks/ Eucon 3.1.3 Issues

NOTE: This doesn’t have anything to do with the “crash on exit” problem we’ve been told has been dealt with in the coming release.

I sure hope that whatever changes appear in the EuCon adapter in 6.5 deal with some of the crap I’ve had to deal with over the last couple of days…

Things slowed down this week, and I thought it might be a good time to install Mavericks, for various reasons.

Installation went flawlessly, and the OS is working fine in general.

But when it comes to Nuendo…

The only issue I’ve encountered (aside from having to update my eLCC), and it’s a pretty big one, is that EuCon is pretty seriously screwy. Some of the issues have been described in previous threads, others not. Main problems for me:

  1. Responsiveness is awful… there’s a big lag between sending a touchscreen command and getting a response. Meters on the MC Control also appear sluggish.

  2. Nuendo windows disappear and don’t come back until various and mysterious hoops are jumped through. In my case, opening the key commands window and shutting it brings my mixer, edit and plugin windows back.

Because I didn’t “upgrade” to EuControl 3.1.3 until AFTER I went to Mavericks, I’m not sure where and how the blame for this stuff falls. I suspect Mavericks has something to do with it, as I went from 3.0 to the current version because the MC’s sluggish response was an immediate problem. Encountered the windows glitch later.

Thinking about retro-grading back to OS 10.8, but if you’re running 10.9 and are NOT having these problems I’d like to know about it. And… if I’ve missed a solution in other threads, I both apologize and thank in advance anybody who might share the benefit of their having worked through this already.



Artist Series Users have been complaining about this for almost a year now over at the Avid Site.


Updated complaints again here.

And again here.

Registered complaints are in the hundreds and people monitoring the progress on this issue are well above 5000 now!

Avid does not seem to be very concerned about this “Maverick Isue.”


Thanks for the links. In there I found a solution for the lag issue. Will see how the rest of it behaves. But this makes working in 10.9 at least tolerable.


Just installed 6.5, dumped my defaults prefs, and am still having the problem with windows not showing up when I switch workspaces if they’re not set to “always on top”.

Am going to start a support ticket, but am wondering if anybody else is having this problem!

Talk to me! :slight_smile:


Hi Chewy.

I’ve also still got the issue of windows not showing up. I haven’t updated to 3.1.3 though, I’m still on 3.1.2.
I was really hoping 6.5 would fix it.
My workaround is when the windows doesn’t show up, minimising it from the window menu.
You can then see the window in the dock and if you click on it, it comes to the front.
It doesn’t always happen though. Randomly during the day it will actually work as it should, but can then stop again.


Please excuse me crashing this thread l am not a forum poster .But l desperately wanted to know from KEYPLAYER how if ? you are able to get VIRTUAL GUITARIST 2 to function in MAVERICKS have been trying to get it to work for 2 years in 10.8 with no joy PM me if you have any tips. Once again apologies for not observing forum protocol

Newly released Eucon 3.2 is a lot better.

How so, in your experience?