Mac Microphone Recognition

I am using a MacBook Pro, Metric Halo, and 2 ULN microphones.

I’m new to Cubase, but have recorded with it a few times. A new problem has come up. My mac recognizes my ULN mics, but when I open Cubase, my system automatically switches back to the internal microphone. When I try to select the ULN mics again (they are still a visible option in the “Sound Preferences”), it switches back as soon as I close the window. Also, the input levels don’t seem to be getting their information from the ULN mics, but from the computer’s.

Does anyone know what could be going on here?


Have you set the audio midi setup in the utilities folder on the MBP. What ASIO driver is selected. What audio interface connects the mics to the MBP. In Cubase have you opened devices setup etc… If you haven’t the Cubase will probably default to internal mic.