Mac Mojave and elicenser

I don’t know if anyone has had/is having trouble installing the latest Dorico update because of trouble with the elicenser.
I never got the [Allow] message - the message I got was that Synopsos was already running something else (i.e. Sibelius which I had already quit and done a restart).
This Steinberg help article cured it for me …

If you simply click on [OK] in the error message box, your Steinberg program will get permanent access to and its license can be verified successfully. In this case, no further action is required.

However, if you already have clicked [Don’t Allow], licenses cannot be verified and your Steinberg software won’t run. In this case, please follow these steps:

Select System Preferences… from the Apple menu.
Open the Security & Privacy panel.
Select the Privacy tab.
Select Automation in the list of options on the left as shown on the screenshot below.
The Steinberg program that needs to access should now be listed on the right.
Check beneath your Steinberg program’s entry.
If further Steinberg programs are listed, you might want to give them access to, too.
Next time you start your Steinberg program, it will launch as usual.

Went through eLicenser hell yesterday. New iMac Pro + 2.2.2 upgrade. OK, it wasn’t that hard but was time consuming once I figured out the following:

Step 1: Quit all Applications

I know that replacing eLicenser has been discussed and is being worked on. If Dorico 3 still uses it, I will seriously reconsider any upgrade purchase.

The next major version of Dorico will still use the eLicenser. The project to introduce a new license management system is ongoing, but it will not reach fruition this year.

There are a couple of help articles on this: