Mac-MTC over Network - PT>Nuendo


On our Macs we use MTC over network to lock multiple Nuendo machines together and it works very well once you figure out Apple’s un-apple-like AMS. Quite tight sync. Last week we were running PT as a master machine with a Sync HD chasing LTC, and squirting MTC out the Network Session port as we always do when using Nuendo. The two machines recognized each other in AMS and were part of the same Network session but I could not get MTC to be recognized from the master PT to the slave Nuendo. Interestingly there was some communication because not only were they linked in AMS but the Stop function using MMC worked. Only Stop, no other MMC. Odd.

It was a fast situation, no time to get out a midi monitor and find out what was going on so we used LTC from the SyncHD and it was fine. Has anyone done this or know anything about it?


i have done it often but had PT TDM 6.41 as Master and Nuendo 4 as slave and
connected it with standart MIDI (not over network)interfaces with sync to MTC
and also as MMC. Worked fine and fast with theese versions , only culprit was
you have add a sync offset (13 frames so far i remember)in Nuendo since
there is an Offset. All MMC commands (play , stop , wind , nudge and
positioning with mouse ) worked fine.
Since it worked for me with Nuendo 4 its maybe a problem with
Nuendo 5 or the Midi over Lan function.