[MAC] New TrackPad is great but not w/C6.

Aloha guys,

I have been using a Kensington track ball since my
first mac in 1993 and I have never ever used a mouse.

I have tried many of them but in the end I find that
I would rather move my fingers than my wrist/arm.

Then I got a new Apple TrackPad. WOW!

For the first time I can now comfortably replace my trackball.


The TrackPad is waaaaay too sensitive for use with Cubase 6.

I have tried to make it less sensitive by:

1-adjusting settings,
2-3rd party software etc etc,
but still no go.

No matter what I try, the slightest touch and ‘WHAM’!
The cursor is now way out in never-never land
and it takes my view of the screen position with it.

Now the game is: ‘find your way back’.

Detailed audio/MIDI editing is pretty much a no-go.

Too bad too because other than Cubase,
this thing works great in all other programmes.

Any mac users get the Apple TrackPad to work with C6?
Any tips,hint, info, etc?


Is the Apple trackpad different to the trackpad on a standard MacBook Pro? I’ve been using C6 on my MBP and find the trackpad about right - whereas strangely my Logitech tilting-scrollwheel mouse on the studio MacPro is hopeless with C6 - sideways scrolling in the mixer only works one way and it’s all too slow…

Aloha f, and thanx for your post.

I have had NO probs with the trackpads on my either of my macbooks. (G4 and intel)

But the new stand-alone TrackPad seems to be a different beast.

As I said it works fine with all other apps but is problematic with C6.

I think it is just a software issue tho’.
Maybe in the near future (OS 10.7 Lion) Apple will update the software
with a few more features/managment. etc

again thank you for your insights.

The NEW Apple branded trackpad is a “multitouch” device…

Opens up a whole new can of worms for those of us who are used to a different way…

yet - makes the world a WHOLE lot easier for those who can master it… I never got the hand of multitouch and abandoned it also…

You get a SEPERATE cursor response from moving with 1 finger vs moving with 2 fingers ! And you can use 2 seperate fingers at the SAME TIME to control !

Its odd… and amazing at the same time …

NOTICE - they even have FOUR FINGER actions ! WOW ! Either they make those for people with very little hands… or I just have larger hands… I cant imagine 4 fingers at once… moving while staying ON that little surface.

That new multitouch trackpad is pretty remarkable, I’ve been a long time trackball user and have mostly switched to the trackpad because it makes navigation faster and easier.
I found a few issues when I was starting that kept confounding me - I still use my thumb to click and would rest my thumb on the trackpad. Because the entire surface is the click button, it would often register my thumb as a multi-touch and start zooming things at odd times. You’ve probably already tried this but pay particular attention to what’s touching the pad and see if that helps.

Aloha and thank you Hugh and Sav

Hugh you have hit the nail on the head.
I am now trying to modify my behavior because I am doing EXACTLY
what you posted.

Also I found a new (to me) software that looks promising.

I’ll report back when I have spent some time with it.

Sending much Aloha to you guys.
Tanx again

Touch makes some things work very efficiently, locks out some functionality (no such thing as hover!), and is downright all too sensitive to what was subliminal to mice and the like.

I have a Dell IPS 21.5" ‘touch’ (actually IR grid) screen under Win 7, and I am often finding my little and ring finger ‘undercarriage’ flying just a little too low at times and triggering something completely different to what I want.

And no ‘resting place’ for the wicked anymore! Have to learn to park hands off the screen surface.

But then, this is a problem with all touch surfaces, though phones are small enough to not be tempting resting places for tired fingers and hands.

Aloha and thanks guys for your info on this.

Agreed this ‘touch thing’ is kind of new both in tech soft/hardware and in user error.:slight_smile:

Guess while we wait for the tech to improve, we must also
put in an effort (to re-train) on our human side.