Mac - No sound output - Cubase Elements 8


So I just downloaded a trial of Cubase Elements 8 but I am unable to receive any audio playback whatsoever.

I own a Mac 2008 (antique heap of junk, but still powerful enough for gaming at least) running OS 10.11.6 and I’m trying to receive audio through the headphone jack at the front.

I’ve looked online and have tried changing ASIO drivers (I’ve tried all of the options available, including display audio) and have not gotten playback on any of them. Here is a list of the options I see:

And yes, I’ve gone to the ‘VST Connections’ window and have changed/made sure the outputs are on the right setting too

My system preference sound settings are on the correct settings each time I’ve tested, so there’s not an issue there either.

I’m a bit lost at what to try next as I’ve looked at a lot of resources available online and I’m yet to come across to come across a solution that works.

Assistance would be very much appreciated. :smiley:

Thank you.