MAC Nuendo 8 does not display audio file waveforms

Only show when dragging

OS? Version? Maybe it’s an unsupported version?

MAC: 12.3.1

Having the same issue on MacOS 12.3.1, Cubase
Just updated to MacOS 12.4 and it did not fix it.
Issue started when I updated to MacOS Monterrey. The same projects show the waveforms without issue on my Win10 machine.

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I have the same problem! I have Mac os 12.6 and have downloaded what I previously bought, 9.5 with update to 9.5.5.

Another Issue I am having is I cannot find the preferences folder to save my life, since I read that you can rename it and it will reset the preferences issues sometimes. But I seem to be out of luck there as well. Any help from Steinberg would be…helpful.