Mac OS finder improvements requests

an happy new Dorico user here, from years on Finale I’ve switched to Dorico, the Steinberg experience convinced me to switch to Cubase from Logic, and here some of my requests about MacOS finder:

  1. more different documents (and maybe App) icons between Cubase and Dorico, sometimes it seems to be identical and difficult (for me) to distinguish one from another;

  2. in Mac OS currently there is a beautiful and useful feature aivable for almost all file tipes, it is the quick preview aivable pressing the spacebar after selecting a file icon, giving us a useful preview of the file content, in Dorico could give a useful Score overview without opening the project;

  3. an always ready midi keyboard despite being turned on after the app is started;

Many thanks Steinberg team :wink:


Dear Tommaso,
Your 2) and 3) requests have already been posted here (although a long time ago). They are coming in due time, if I remember correctly.

Hello Marc, I am very pleased to hear these news about . Thank you so much