(Mac OS) Running RX8 in the Background brings Multiple Sample Rates warning, screws up Cubase Samples

Has anyone ever encountered this issue:

You’re working on a project and decide to launch an external audio app that uses the ASIO driver - let’s say iZotope’s RX8 and a dialog pops up “Multiple Sample Rates Detected” - no matter what I click, Cubase is going to change all my audio samples and screw up everything. I haven’t found another way of resetting this than to close the project without saving or even just going back to an earlier saved version.

How are other users able to run RX8 in the background like this anyway? I have set the project to 44.1 kHz/16 Bit at the moment.




You can use RX8 as Direct Offline Process within Cubase, can’t you?

Or use ARA component SpectraLayers One which is part of Cubase 11 license instead. :wink: It’s much more comfortable, to have the editor within Cubase.