MAC OS Sierra | don't do it kids... 2 Questions into one.


I have realised that my beloved MR 816 csx software will never work under Mac OS Sierra as it is using Firewire and Steinberg will probably never update.
So I ordered a new UR824.

Question 1
I was wondering, as the UR824 is USB 2 and the MR816 was Firewire 800, will I notice anything like dropouts?

Question 2
Is cubase 8.5.2 compatible with (bloody) Sierra?
Updated license control and Cubase is not showing up.

Very annoying all this.

Many thanks

I’m not Mac expert but I would think that you will have no issues. There are many who use USB audio interfaces. If it was a big problem we would see it here on our forum.

This is the latest information Steinberg posted about Sierra. Posted on September 12, 2016.

Regards :sunglasses:

will they ever release an update for firewire? the mr816 has been the perfect interface for me


you are still the best steinberg. thank you!