MAC OS support

Thinking of migrating to an iMAC. Note that most of steinberg’s software is compatible with MAC’s OS but it states that insofar as VST instruments are concerned, they are “VST” compatible but not yet “Audio Unit” compatible. Not a MAC guy (yet) but am I correct to take that to mean they can be used but are not yet optimized for MAC 's core audio processing format? VST on a MAC is less efficient than “Audio Units”?

Also, is it a big deal to migrate steinberg software across platforms? Is there any cost involved?

Thank you.

While AU is the MacOS native plugin format, Steinberg and many other daw developers do not support AU. VST as you know is Steinberg’s format and works fine in MacOS. I wouldn’t phrase it as “less efficient” just different. There are some situations where the AU format is preferable and others where it’s not, but those increments are swamped by the fact that VST works fine on MacOS.

Using Cubase or Nuendo on Mac or pc involves moving the elicencer dongle, no cost.