Mac OS Tag in cubase not working

Hi, for some reason the Mac OS Tag feature is not working within cubase folders.
But works in Mac OS… Anybody having this issue ?


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.



The reason is, Cubase always creates a new project, once you Save it. You can see it in the folder. Once you hit Save, the Your_Project-01.cpr file is created. The data is stored to this new file. Once the project becomes stored successfully and completely, the Your_Project.cpr becomes replaced by the Your_Project-01.cpr file.

So as you can see, Cubase creates completely new file, therefore the tags are not inherited.

Cubase does it this way for the safety reasons. If the project would become corrupted during the save process, you would get a new (corrupted) -01 project, but your original project would remain.