Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan status update on compatibility

Well, we ARE in the first world, so what is your point exactly?

When your internet connection is down, do you just shrug it off because that’s a “first world problem” and others don’t have food/shelter/etc?

Is it that difficult for people to understand that not everybody uses their computer JUST for music/Cubase?

That other factors might necessitate updating, from programming dependencies if you’re a developer down to the simple fact that you bought a new Mac and it comes with El Capitan installed.

A “smart company” wanting to minimize expenses, yes.

A smarter company wanting to minimize the inconvenience of its paid users, no.

Developers regularly test on beta OSes. By the time the OS is announced in the WWDC in the first place, the developer betas have most of the changes and pieces in place. Public betas even more so. And in the GM, everything is in place.

We’re not on that now though. We’re 1.5 month past the stable release, and 2 weeks past the first point update.

The funny thing is that an update to the software to support the new OS would also benefit THEM (the people who stayed with Yosemite), or at the very least will cause them no harm at all.

And they still feel the need to chime-in on a thread where people complain about the software they paid for not working on the new OS.

We don’t want your opinion and you use cases, nor your BS advice. This is a thread about people seeking to get Cubase 8 to work on El Capitan. If you don’t have El Capitan installed, this is not your problem, so buzz off.

The same thing, really, isn’t it?

What’s your problem. Who are you insulting? Me or yourself? I don’t know what your problem is, but please refrain from insulting comments like this.

More interresting than such arguing, is that apple said El Caps main new feature is system optimization. Does those who already HAVE installed cubase on El Capitan see any difference in actual use?

What do you mean? It won’t even start. I can’t even re-install as even the installer crashes. So far, Steinberg is the only company left on my list who hasn’t gotten up to speed. I wonder what major thing Apple did to so mess all of this up?

just got 3rd El Capitan Beta and Cubase Artists still crashes before it can load. just fyi

Yeah, beta’s are exactly for testing your software beforehand. That’s a stated reason to get the beta. It’s getting really late to still have this issue. Even Line6 stuff works now. It should be noted that in their case it was a beta release from Apple and not Line6 that made it work. I suspect that possibly it may be out of Cubase’s hands as it was for Line6. Whatever built in driver or system resource that no longer exist may be a huge deal to work around. Would be nice if Cubase was more up front about it. Line6 didn’t test during beta either and were caught on El Cap release day - oops. But it has been a month and Cubase should at least communicate to set our expectations. Thinking about asking for my money back. If we go too long we will learn to live without their product. It’s too bad.

I contacted support and asked for an ETA on El Capitan compatibility, and got the following response a few hours ago.

"I’m sorry but we have not started supporting Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan yet:

I’m sorry but there is not an ETA on when we will be supporting El Capitan. This is a joint development issue with Apple, which is part of the reason there is not a specific ETA on when it will be supported."

Yes, that’s because I wasn’t arguing against you, I was just adding on what you said.

Neither, it’s aimed (as the previous paragraphs allude to) at people who don’t belong in this thread (e.g. because they haven’t updated etc) and they feel justified to chime in a thread about people complaining about the incompatibilities, and school them for not waiting for the update etc, as if they know better when others needs to update.

Hi stevo, I have no idea why it will not even start on your mac, I installed elements on two different imacs and both works as on yosemite. No faster/slower that I can messure. I have ofcourse not tried on my production mac with Cubase 8pro. With the imac setups I havent seen the problems that steinberg are dealing with, so I can only asume it has to do with some soundcard/cubase/os x incompatible stuff. I have Saffire 40 soundcard and that is already compatible with el cap. Personally I dont have any reason to upgrade except for the speed increase in the OS, if there are any.

I have Artist 8 on a one year old Macbook Pro. El Cap and Cubase hate each other in may case.

I can’t find any reason whatsoever to upgrade to El Cap unless of course you want the new emoticons - I think they have the middle finger now. I do blame Apple for most of this mess - I’ve been upgrading machines since I got into Macs again and never ever have I had so many things broken like this. But by this time, It’s now on Steinberg in my mind.

On my other macbook, I’m still on Yosemite, so I’m not dead in the water. But then I do this as non-profit work - not making a living off it.

everytime a post to the thread pops up I think it might be the El Capitan fix!

Sorry! I know the feeling.

I don’t think we are acheaving anything by argueing on each other.

Yes it is poor Steinberg has not solved this, but even worse is the lack of communication from their part.

Any information on progress, eta and so on would earn trust and lessen the frustration…

Any why do you insult me, then!!! By the way, you are a new member, you’re not a moderator. It’s not your place to say who belongs in this thread or not! If you’re not careful, a moderator may decide that it’s you who don’t belong here. But, as I said, that’s a question for the moderators to decide.

Any news about the compatibility with OS X El Capitan?
Why are You taking so long???
I just want the DAW that I’d paid for, working good!!!

I hate to overanalyze this reply from Steinberg, but it’s problematic for me. First, they say they’re waiting for Apple - not sure why that would be. Is it not possible to fix this on their own? Second, it’s heading for a month now and really no details or update even though they sort of promised they would keep us up to date. Third, “there is no ETA” seems rather like they’re just not that interested in fixing it. I’m sure that’s not true, but it just makes me wonder what they’re really up to.

But the upside is that they say, “no ETA on when we will be supporting El Capitan”. Not “we will not support it”.

Don’t know anything about software development and third-party dependencies then? They probably cannot fix it on their own.

If a problem with software arises, and it’s not clear whether the problem lies with one’s own software, or the third-party one, then it requires some joint, and separate, discovery processes.

Now if one is a relatively small fry dealing with a mega enterprise that may not necessarily have a vital interest in your software working with their product, then you are largely, if not totally, at the mercy of that enterprise’s timing priorities.

And one cannot always isolate by oneself exactly what it is an OS is doing that may be upsetting the cart. While your software may be doing the same calls to the OS it always has, if the ‘magic’ happening in the called OS function’s logic has changed, and it doesn’t provide a return code that indicates why the difference in the treatment of the call, then you are TOTALLY dependent upon the OS maker for resolution.

This is what happened with Windows 10 and MS changing how MCSS operated. MS fixed it, and suddenly everything across all SBs programs is OK, and SB gives the thumbs up. Even though the MS audio team lead is highly engaged in making things work, it still took the time it took to discover where the problem lay, work out the solution, and get the fix through their patch process, all nothing SB could do a thing about, until it was a fait accompli.

Certainly, once the patch dropped, SB was able to quickly test and certify that all their programs were compliant, which probably means they had already done all the rest of their regression testing, except for those bits affected by the outstanding issue. I suspect that SB would have done much the same with El Capitan, and once the issue is fixed, things may well move quickly here as well. That is, unless Apple has done one of their ‘line in the sand’ ideological cutoffs (such as with Firewire audio), for which SB may have to redesign the program to achieve its same functionality in other ways, with its consequent delays, though at least they could then have something to report to us.

Of course, MS might need to have, for their own priorities, not ‘fixed’ the changes in MCSS functionality, and SB would also have just had to do a functional redesign around it.

I do know that Office was crashing like crazy until Apple did an update. The demand was too great and the impact on revenue streams was real - so Apple worked breakneck to produce 10.11.1 and things are much better although not fixed. So I do think Apple has really screwed the pooch on this upgrade. This being said, I don’t let Steinberg off the hook completely. They could give us more information instead of being essentially silent. I also know from past experience, there have been issues that they refused to fix. And one of the most simple fixes to a problem I had they couldn’t figure it out. I later found a vague reference to it and fixed the problem myself with a simple terminal command. I went into this recent purchase knowing these things about Steinberg but liked Cubase too much to change. Second guessing my decision to stay with Steinberg on this one…