Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan status update on compatibility

Hey Guys.

Further to my previous post. Today I ran some more tests and the situation is unchanged. What a nightmare. I just opened a session. Without doing anything. If you just play the session back a few times, eventually the whole thing starts to play back in a distorted / bit crushed kind of way, which gets progressively worse and worse. Then when you quit the session and minimise Cubase, and play an audio file outside of Cubase, you hear the same effect. So I was thinking maybe it’s my interface (Antelope Orion 32). But as soon as you quite Cubase, the problem goes away and files play back normally, without changing anything on the interface.

This is clearly a Cubase 8.5 / El Capitan problem. Steinberg… er… please help??? :frowning:

Also, I should mention that it’s not a computer processing problem. When the aliasing / bit crushing effect starts, Activity Monitor shows no significant spikes.

The final serious problem that I’ve encountered, is when you set a loop area (in the new Cubase 8.5 it shows up in purple) - well how on earth do you redraw or take the loop area away now? You literally have to go outside of the purple area and redraw it somewhere else. Usually you could just however with your cursor towards the top of the loop area. Then when your cursor become a pencil, you just clicked and the loop area would disappear completely. That seems to be TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE in Cubase 8.5. Like I said, you have to go outside of the looping area completely and redraw the loop.

If this is how looping now works, then I’m going to have to move to a new DAW. This is going to drive me completely bonkers.

Kristiaan. You don’t say what kind of hardware - audio interface - you are using. For Steinberg/Yamaha hardwere you need to download the latest driver, Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver v1.9.7 for OS X


Kristiaan, the Antelope website does not list Mac OS X El Capitan as a supported operating system for the Orion 32.

Have you asked them for any info because I cannot reproduce this distorted sound here with other (not only Steinberg) audio interfaces.


So the catch phrase needs to be altered to ‘It just works, … eventually!’

Of course for some people facts are a nuisance that can’t compete with the frustrations of youth and entitlement.

Is there still going to be a pre 8.5 update?

Can’t answer that. I just realised that the latest Cubase 8.0 works perfectly fine on my system.

Was hoping Ed might respond about this


However, some has now spent over 12 pages criticizing Steinberg for being late with a fix for El Capitan. Some went so far they even forgot what the first post was about. You know who you are.

Programmers, IT Administrators, all musicians - you throw them in the mix as you like. Every single person seemingly knowing much more than the developers at Steinberg, on how easy it is to make Cubase 8.0 OS X 10.11 ready, and how they should do their job. As if they had first hand access to Cubase’s source code.
So the next 8.0 El Capitan fix is due to around 22.12, and at least on my system 8.0 works flawlessly after the OS X update, so maybe someone should consider if critiizing Steinberg was perhaps aiming at the wrong target after all.

What you say is much of what I was trying to suggest all along, BUT Steinberg DID eventually admit the they had to fix up their programs, AND that they had not communicated properly during the whole process, the latter being the main complaint on this thread.
Now, while the fact that 8.0.xx may now work on the latest build of El Capitan meant that Apple had to do something their end to get things working, that does not mitigate against SB’s failings in this instance.

Wow. Arrogant much? Arrive at the end of a 12 page (yikes!) thread and dismiss everyone’s views, purely because Cubase works ‘flawlessly’ on your system?

FYI, Cubase doesn’t work ‘flawlessly’ on anyone’s system. It’s riddled with bugs - check out some other threads for details. But that’s another story.

And yes, damn right Steinberg should do their job. Their software is expensive and relies totally on an OS to work. It should be their absolute priority to keep up to date with both OSX and Windows, whether they like it or not. Maybe OSX wasn’t broken - maybe it just changed. And if so, Cubase has to change with it. Nobody said it was easy for Steinberg but hey, them’s the breaks.

As Patanjali covered, Steinberg admitted there was a problem at their end, that they only started seriously looking at it after the public release of OSX, and then (as usual) were slightly opaque in their communication.

Leave aside the dubious ploy of ‘it can’t be fixed until 22/12. Unless you pay now’…

Happy customer here… there have been some issues and there have been some delays - and I try to keep myself updated on info about possible problems regarding updates, and in that way, avoid - mostly - problems.

The most important thing for me is that I have an optimized system - and if that includes a little waiting - or paying for upgrades - that fine with me.

This whole thing about who is responsible for possible issues is of no meaning to me. Keeping a system optimized includes many players.

Very sensible. Heck, there are still people who refuse to move from Leopard because their system works well - and more power to them. With respect though, you miss the point in that not everyone can keep their system optimised for just Cubase. And paying for updates to fix things is just wrong, IMHO.

[quote=“lebouch” And paying for updates to fix things is just wrong, IMHO.[/quote]

Hm, this is a lot of work and effort for a software company. Why should that be for free?
They have to pay their bills as you and i have to do. And my observation is, that Steinberg has been very good in providing reliable software in the last years. There is no perfection and will never be, but hey, It’s close…


Then maybe it’s time to realize Cubase is not the correct DAW for you, and start looking for an alternative.

I’m sure you’ll be quite satisfied with the rest of the lot.

Maybe it’s about time to close this topic. Cubase 8.5 is El Capitan compatible and Cubase 8.0.x will receive an update on Dec 22nd. I’ll add the link to the knowledge base article on the first page so that no one misses that important information.