Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan status update on compatibility

New beta is out. Anybody tried it yet?

I am about to gather all the information and create a knowledge base article on this today. Sorry for the silence but we really had to collect all the information available before going public.
I hope that we have all the info available tomorrow.

That’s great Ed. I hope your update contains some good news.

Can I very respectfully suggest you keep your customers updated better in the future? No-one likes being left hanging :wink:

Actually, I think it more illustrates that too many are used to getting constant news feeds that actually add nothing of value.

What did Ed just reveal that couldn’t have waited till he actually had something useful to say, but you all just wanted something, nay, desperately ANYTHING, said.

Vicious cycle of useless news feeding the desire for more useless news, and ends up just cluttering up things with nonsense filler to keep the producers and consumers ‘happy’ in their continued ignorance.

I’m glad you loved the 90’s Patanjali, but the baseline on how to communicate to customers in 2015 has changed.
If Steinberg doesn’t have useful news, then everyone’s ask was to tell us when they expected to have it instead of leaving us in the dark.
They know if collecting the info will take them roughly 1 week vs. 3 months. We don’t.


how do you get it?

Thanks Ed

The impatient question is whether or not you know if the Public Beta that was just released helps at all?

The cynic in me might wonder if the new OSX beta even factors into this long awaited knowledge base… I truly hope I am proved wrong but I’m expecting a simple list of which SB product doesn’t work with El Capitan . “Collecting information” doesn’t sound much like “fixing stuff” to me…

Hope I’m wrong. Native Instruments just announced compatibility today so it’s just SB I’m waiting for now.

I just installed beta 4, El Capitan and Cubase Artist 8.0.3 still crashes before it can load.

Just curious, did you try start cubase in safe mode? Not that I realy believe it will help you…

how do you do that? I’m on a mac. safe mode for cubase

o thanks, just did safe mode for OSX and that was weird. will try this now.

thanks for the link. Disabling preferences and is still crashes.

Sure no prob. Sorry it did not help!

Regardless of what time warp you think I am in, it doesn’t detract from my premise that such information is of little use to you at all.

A lot was ‘promised’ about the ‘war on terrorism’, but there is still no timetable that anyone can promise. That is because there are far too many ‘moving parts’ and a lot of unknowns. However, that did not stop politicians and news outlets continuing to provide useless information to ‘placate’ (or do the opposite to) people.

If SB doesn’t know the information on which to base any sort of reliable predictions for timing, perhaps because they are waiting upon critical feedback from Apple, just like with the MCSS info and fix from MS, then anything they say will mislead, and is still unlikely to provide anything upon which you can base your own future actions.

The ONLY thing upon which you can make definite plans is an actual definitive yay or nay on OSX compatibility from SB.

Of course, you can always just ditch Cubase in the waiting frustration. If I was SB, I would be tempted to stay silent just so the very few of you who are making most noise will just go.

I think it is fair enough to complain about SB where the problems with Cubase are totally on them, but to expect them to provide timelines when that may well be impossible due to dependence upon others, is just unrealistic. But then realism doesn’t seem to be a basic requirement for much these days.

What tosh - and what a bogus comparison. You keep rattling on about those 24 hour news feeds which seem to rock your world so much - at least they provide some, albeit repeated, information. SB provide NO INFORMATION.

They could just say that, could they not?

There may be few voicing concerns but there seem to be even fewer SB apologists. Like one.

But as you smartly pointed out to another poster - you don’t actually know that do you? Unless you are SB, you don’t know any more than others. It could be totally, 100% on SB, with nothing required from Apple.

Not like the good old days, eh?

Despite your high-handed pomp, this is nothing to do with entitlement - this is to do with paying lots of money, over lots of years (I’ve run Cubase since my Atari ST days) to Steinberg, and simply wanting some answers. That’s not unreasonable. And for your further information, Steinberg promised an update on October 23rd. It is now November 19th. If SB don’t give a toss about their customers maybe it is time to leave them behind.