[Mac] OS X 10.9.3 update?

Aloha guys,

just wondering if anyone has installed it and if
so have any new (or old) issues ‘wiggled into existence’?

This update deals with (among other things) audio drivers.
Makes me very reluctant to install till the jury comes back with its verdict.

TIA (thanks in advance)

Personally I left… last time i’ve spent 1 month testing cubase vs logic, the new C7 is not compatible with my workflow under osx, different life is windows. C7 is great under windows not under mac even we using 10.9 or 10.8. I’m happy back to work and produce with Cubase 6.5, I hope C8 will be solid as before under OSX, for me C7 and OSX are a complete waste of time.

So yer answer is…???


aswer is NO, and I will not. My question is why testing Cubase 7.5 under osx when Cubase is still buggy? I’ve spoken with other professional Cubase users, they continue to stay and work under C6.5.5 or C6.5.4 after testing Cubase 7.5, people with a massive 3rd parts plugs. But under Windows all seems to be solid more than before. Steinberg should focus more and more on OSX users, I can image they are developing under Windows and using some converter to create the OSX version, I’m working with orchestra these days and I can’t print scores under OSX in 64bit mode this is weird.

Thank you.

Cubase 7.5.20 works fine here on OS X 10.9.3. (test-installation on external HDD). After a few more hours successfully testing i will upgrade my 10.8.5. system.

Zap-L- if you use middle-click (like on an external mouse device button)- Are you seeing any middle-click strangeness?

Don’t know what you mean, sorry, my english is not the best. :smiley:
Ich have upgraded my working system today. A big project was running under 10.8.5 with 1024 samples buffersize without spikes, dropouts and so on. For the same project i can really use 256 (!) samples to play under 10.9.3 without any audio problems!

I’m using the trackpad, there is no middle-click (or what I have to do for use middle click with the trackpad, is it possible???), so I can’t say anything about this.

No prob, thank you.

No Issues. Everything is working fine here.

Working ok?

Aloha R,


beta tester are gone ehehehehehe