[Mac OS X] patch addressing issues with USB-2 audio devices

Depending on the setup, it may happen that there is no audio playback available when working on Mac OS X 10.6.x or when using a USB-2 audio interface. In addition to that problems might occur when changing the sample rate and even general compatibility issues between software and hardware can come up.

Affected are:

Cubase 6/Artist 6.0.0
Cubase Essential 5.1.x
Cubase AI 5.1.x
Cubase LE 5.1.x
Cubase 5.5.x
Cubase Studio 5.5.x

In case you are working with the aforementioned setup and one of these applications, please download the patch file.


Please note that all upcoming updates (e.g. Cubase 5.5.3 and Cubase 6.0.1) will include this fix and thus this patch file won’t be needed anymore.

Does this patch effect Mac OSX 10.9.1? Seems my Since my upgrade to the new os my Tascam Us-1641 loses synch? or starts getting digital jitter (this is just in Itunes)

is this a cubase issues or just a osx issues with USB 2.0 audio devices? wonder why apple didnt fix with a patch.
Thanks for any info. Really appreciate it.

Hi I spoke with Tascam support. They suggested for Tascam US-1641 to plug into a powered USB hub instead of directly into the USB port of the new MacBookPro 10.9.1. WOO HOO. sure enough fixed all my audio problems. no digital “jitter” and cubase A1 4 runs perfectly on the new OS. Using Bit Accurate as my Audio Source (Not core audio) Hope this helps folks. Thanks


follow-up. I did not run the patch for my CUbase AI4