mac osx 10.5 with C6?


Anyone tried to install C6 in Leopard? Is it stable?

I will be doing this tonight.

I too would love to know this.

My old G5 (leopard) is just a doorstop now.


Does this answer your question?

Tanx weasel,
There is another thread about this topic.
I will post a link to this thread.


Installed last night on my Mac Pro Dual-Quad running Snow Leopard 10.6.6
Everything went perfectly. Opened a few projects that I have been working on and did not experience a single issue.
Am running in 32bit due to some plugins that are a must have.
Can’t remember the last time a major upgrade went so smoothly! (knock on wood)!
BRAVO STEINBERG… The saga continues.

It is really a shame. I am really disappointed with Steinberg. I have just bought Cubase “Essential” 5 to see that an essential feature, the stacked tracks, is not included!! SO I was on the verge to buy the upgrade to Artist 6 when I saw that it’s only working on OSX 10.6!!! Thank you, I can trow away my G5. Or the Cubase I have just bought. I’m really pissed of…