Mac OSX 10.7.4 CPU Errors?

8 tracks here, 6 audio, 1 superior drummer, 1 prologue track.

I tried to do a mixdown in both realtime and non-realtime and got an error on the mixdown. Ive tried this in C6 32 and 64 bit. I FROZE the VSTi’s and still had crap in the mixdown file like dropouts or something.

Never had this before, any ideas?? I pushed the buffer up on the MR816X to 2048 and it didnt matter.

Playback was sputtering as well. I had WAVES NLS on the tracks and the main out. Some stieny chorus, EQ

Nothing major here at all. usage was at like 10% in Cubase, crazy

2.4 8 core Mac, 2010 model with 14 gig RAM, separate drives for Superior and AUDIO

Again, I don’t really know what causes this but a few ideas:

  • Have you tried to put up a similar project in Studio One (I’ve seen in your signature that you have it) in order to see if you get the same problems?
  • Are the frozen VSTi’s tracks (the wave files stored in your project folder) free of errors or do they also have dropouts?
  • If you take out the WAVES plug-ins from the mix do you get the errors as well?

Maybe it’s a hardware problem, either with faulty RAM or one of your harddrives or even your audio interface (maybe clocking issues?)…

Sorry if you have already tested all this and my suggestions seem silly, just trying to help!

Thanks man.

I did check the RAM with Rember and all my HDs look ok as well.

Ill check those frozen files, good idea. Yes they are in the project folder in the FREEZE folder

Ill take out the WAVES NLS and try again

CLockin is set to internal. The MR816X can be shakey at times IMO

THis is only happening in C6