Mac OSX Leopard Cubase 6.02 | Cubase Artist Issue Installer

DVD with Cubase 6.02 | Cubase Artist
Inside also Halion 4 and some other try programs.
The blue Key USB e-Licencer.

Mac Pro XEON 3,1 Leopard OSX 10.6.8 20 GB Ram 1 SSD + raid data.

DVD Cubase, I start the setup.
Installation, shortly before concluding says “installer has encountered an error that prevented installation.”
Cubase is up and running, eLicence works, Halion also. But if you start an upgrade, the message is that Cubase 6 is not installed.

Uninstalled and repeated the installation, but I always get the same error.

What can I do to resolve and make even the upgrade to 6.5?

Can you download the Trial version of your Cubase? Try to install it from this downloaded file. If you use your blue USB eLCC Key, it will work as full version. This is prevention of corupted instalation disc.

Thank you Martin.
Will do.

Aloha p,

Just FYI (and I may be wrong on this but AFAIK,)

10.5x is known as ‘Leopard’.
10.6x is known as ‘Snow Leopard’.
10.7x is known as ‘Lion".
10.8x will be known as ‘Mountain Lion’.

HTH (hope this helps)

Snow Leopard.

Regarding installation, I re do as Martin said. And, I pay attention to not move from Applications folder, if not, any update do not run.


can you be more specific? what are you doing when you run the installer? was it successful?

Actually I run the installer regularly, as in the instructions and leave the time to finish the installation. At the end give an error, but the CB works… so…
Then, I reorganize the Applications folder and move all audio apps in one folder called “Audio”… but I don’t knew that are not links… as in windows. So, the update don’t find the old Cubase and tell me I have no Cubase…
MY FAULT! But I thought was cause the final error of the installer. No, was me! I was the VIRUS in my Mac. Sorry.

At now, I don’t know why installer give me error. But all works… so… insane user but happy user!