MAC OSX transfer of preferences to new computer?

Hi all, I want to move ALL my preferences from my stationary computer to my MBP, including key commands and macros, PLE macros etc. What folders do I need to copy in order to get it all over to the laptop?

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Aloha c,

1-While in the ‘Finder’ go to the:
‘Go’ menu (in the menu bar at the top)

2-While there, hold down the ‘option’ key and the ‘Library’ menu will magically appear.

3-Go in and find the ‘Preference Folder’.

4- In there you will find the ‘Cubase Preference’ folder for your particular version.

5-Make a copy of it by holding down the ‘Option key while
dragging the Cubase Preference’ folder to the desktop.

6-This new folder now goes in yer new ax in the same place as old one is.

7- There will already be a Cubase Preference Folder at the new location, so just trash it
and put in the newer (copied) one.

Good Luck!

Thanks a lot!