Mac/pc compatability of nuendo sessions

Hi…I’ve always used nuendo with windows machines but I’m thinking about getting a MacBook Pro for my mobile rig. Am I going to run into any problems trying to open sessions on both platforms (provided all the plugins are cross platform of course). Just wondering if anyone out there is using this scenario. A windows main machine and a MacBook Pro running Mac OS as their mobile rig. I know I can install windows on the macbook but I’d kinda rather not. Thanks for any input!

I’ve never had any trouble going back and forth-- Mostly UAD plugins (or Nuendo’s built-in) on both sides, and if there was any ambiguity about what would be on one station or the other, I’d freeze FX or virtual instruments whenever possible.

No issues, whatsoever!


Great! Thanks for the info.

Yes there are issues. But as far as I can tell they are limited to the use of “umlaut” characters like -åäöüé- etc.

As long as only a-z 0-9 are used in file and folder names there are no issues from what I can tell.

Same situation here…

it depends… if you just transfer “clean” projects with only Nuendo-Plugins all should be 100% fine - you should do like ErikG recommended to be sure to have full compatibility.

When it comes to plugins the pain starts - some plugins are not compatible across Mac/PC - for example Sonnox Reverb will be “missing” - all other Sonnox Plugins are fine… You have to test… In my experience it is absolutely no problem to for example record a session on the Macbook, transfer that to my Studio PC, edit and mix there… But transfering a full blown mix in a final stage without any issue might be difficult.

All good here!
I got just your configuration - studio mainframe’s a HP Z-800, mobile’s a MacBook Pro. I got Nuendo 6, Cubase 8, UAD2, Izotope RX4 and lots of other plug-ins running on both machines. Don’t know about Sonnox, because I don’t have any of those, but everything else works like a treat on both systems. I usually start a project on the Mac, then over to the PC for post in the studio. Never had an issue. It’s a go from me.

Thanks for the feedback!

For some reasons I never had issues going from the MacBook to pc - but vice versa I had sometimes incompatibility issues caused by third party plugins…

Characters that never should be used in file names anyhow, so no problem.
(Special characters are for metadata only).

Easy To say and write. Harder to enforce.

he he, not for me :slight_smile:

Jokes aside.
It isn’t fun fixing 300K of files to make a conform work in a Linux tool. Done that.

Also have a fun example from the Norwegian Film School a couple of years back.
In the mix room the media drive had a crash, and the students of course didn’t have backup of their latest session files.
I was able to recover all sessions files. All (the few) students that had followed my recommendations and didn’t have a single special character in their file names, got 100% of their files back with the correct name.
All the others got all their files back, but with random names.
They had quite a job sorting that out :slight_smile:


Well I often had trouble and random errors in the past when receiving ProTools or Logic sessions using truckloads of special characters… Transferring that via OMF or AAF etc causes big problems usually …

On all platforms and between all software.
From Avid Mediacomposer to Flame also for example.