Mac: playback through HDMI output

Hi, if I’ve missed an extant thread somewhere, I apologize, and if someone could link this thread to that, I’d be grateful.

Scenario: I teach in a classroom where I plug my Macbook Pro into the A/V station via HDMI. Display is not a problem, and mac OSX sees the HDMI device in Audio MIDI setup. Audio playback in other software works.

In Dorico Pro 4 Audio Device Setup, this device does not populate. I DO see Built-in Audio, Microsoft Teams Audio, Black Hole 2Ch as selections. Do you all think that I need to contact my IT department to see if there’s some sort of driver that I need to install for use with this HDMI device? Or, is Dorico’s ASIO driver incompatible with this type of routing?



Try creating an Aggregate or Multi-output device in Audio MIDI Setup that only includes the HDMI output; then see if the virtual device is listed in Dorico (after relaunching it, perhaps).

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Ah! yes, duh…restart the app so that it sees the device! I did this as a first step and success.

…normally I’m walking into the room with Dorico already running before I plug in the HDMI. Again, duh…restart the app and let it see the devices.

Thank you!