Mac printing issue . . .


We have search all around and still can’t solve this. Mac OS 10.12.5 (Sierra)

Export to PDF - no issue.

Try to print - Dorico sees the printer. All parameters triple checked.
Dialogue box sits on “Printing - Connected to printer”. Project is named, yet the print dialogue box shows “Untitled”.

So, Dorico is sending to the printer, but something is amiss.

Please advise. Many thanks in advance!

Can you tell us anything about the make and model of printer you have got connected to your Mac? How is it connected? Directly via USB, via wifi, via a network cable?

If you use the Print button at the bottom left corner of the window rather than the button at the bottom right-hand corner, can you print successfully?

If you export a PDF from Dorico, can you then print that successfully using another application, like Preview?

Thanks for your response.

Found the left panel. Was able to export to PDF from there. PDF says “untitled”.

Print dialogue box still sits on “Printing - Connected to printer”. Project says “untitled”.

I’m now researching whether there is an issue with the printer (HP P2055) and OS10.12 It may be on my end. Sigh . . .

If anyone has fixed printing and Sierra, let me know.


I’ve had no difficulties at all printing on 10.12.4/5 to both a Brother Laser and a Canon Pixma.

How many pages is the project you’re trying to print?


New computer (to me). The version of 10.12 was known for printing issues. The update to 10.12.6 fixed it.

Whew! I had visions of printer shopping in my head, which I really didn’t want to do.

Thanks for the responses. Greatly appreciated.