Mac Pro 2013

Wondering if anyone has knowledge of the MR816x working with the new MacPros? I know they’re not released until tomorrow but perhaps someone at Steinberg has an advance testing machine!!

I can’t see there being an issue, although I won’t be touching any of the new macs myself, I know many folks at Apple and they say that compatibility should be good.

IMHO it makes absolutely no sense to buy the new MacPro for audio, since it’s a specialized machine designed for 4k video editing. Basically, you’re paying through the nose for stuff you don’t need, like the dual monster GPU, which really ONLY serves the purpose to edit UHD video. And then no PCIe, are you kidding me? Thunderbolt is a dud, as it has been since it was unveiled two years ago. Again, only specialized video equipment will be available for TB.