Mac Pro is the best Choise, :-)

Mac Pro is the best Choise :mrgreen:

hah yep, that seems about right :sunglasses:


Here we go again :stuck_out_tongue:

rotfl :laughing: :laughing: so true !!!

Good one!

thats really funny. I’d really like to see a response from Apple to this. I cant imagine how their designers would justify their rationale not only on the new Mac but no usb on the Ipads and changing the proprietary connector to yet another “only from Apple” proprietary connector for Ipad 3
. Sure seems like their goal is to piss off customers and make things difficult.

Universal means literally “used or understood by all” or “applicable everywhere or in all cases” which would mean being able to basically connect what you want. Apple was never universal, other than in terms of money transactions. Funny, how that works… :wink:

My iPad is very usefull to Remote control my audio Software.
I wait for an iPad 12 inch with a pen controll like Wacom.

Otherwise my iPad was my Last Order.