Mac Pro "Trash Can" 12 Core... Yay or Nay

I’m currently running CP8 on a Mac Pro (Mid 2010) 3.33 GHz / 6-Core Intel Xeon. Will I benefit getting the latest 12 Core Mac Pro? Will all cores be used, or am I wasting my $$?


Aloha D,

while the ‘trash can’ is a fine machine and will work well
with Cubase, it might be overkill for DAW use.

Kinda like owning a Farari to take your trash to the dump
when a Ford F150 will do that job just fine.

This machine is really designed for video usage.

I had two of um’ here last fall with Dell monitors (because we were going to partner with a vid company)
but when the 5k iMac was released, we sold the cans and got two of those (maxed out) instead.

Good Luck!

I thought of that, but I use a lot of VI’s and the more power, the better. My 2010 MP is getting old and I need guts. I don’t know if the 5K will fill those shoes.

I heard Chris Breen (Macworld writer and musician) on a podcast talking about this topic (using Logic) and his comments were
that the 5k iMac beat out the can in certain tests and DAW usage is one of them.

I’ll try and find that podcast and post the URL.

Good Luck!

That would be awesome. Thanks!

Aloha D,
in the mean time here is some current forum chatter on this topic.


MacPro Xeon 3.33GHz (to 3.66 GHz in over clock), 6 physical cores (12 cores in subprocess) …Do you really need more power horse??? How much RAM? Are you upgraded to SSD hard drive? :open_mouth: I don’t believe that you could need a new computer. I have got the same computer specs plus 32 GbRAM, 3SSD(1Tb)+1HD(1Tb) and I don’t need more power processing… I advice you take the full advantage of the multithreading features of your computer. Cubase as like other DAW are not completely optimized for this purpose -perhaps Logic X could be an exception- but you can assess alternatives options, ie: Vienna Ensemble Pro. I think this software has been an authentic RE/PRO-volution. Combine Cubase and VEP in the same computer and distribute the tasks between them (VST, audio plugins, library samples). I think there is a demo available in VSL web, try it and I assure you will see a sensible performance improvement.

Hey buhardilla, I understand what you’re saying, but I do have VEPro and 32 GB ram, and 2 SSD (one for OS X and the other audio). I used to have 2 Mac Pro’s and installed VEPro on the second to relieve stress on the main MP. I have (4) SATA drives for all my libraries. My SSD W/R around 250 GB/s, and I can’t take advantage of the 500 GB/s cause the MP SATA connection are SATA II, 3Gb/s, instead of SATA III, 6Gb/s. Also 32 GB ram isn’t enough. I need at least 64. I write huge orchestral sessions, and 32 GB ram gets utilized pretty quickly. I’d also like to take advantage of Thunderbolt and I’ve looked around for a TB PCIe card, but none are available.

I got rid of the second MP due to the upkeep, and at the time VEPro had issue’s working off the slave computer. I switched over from PT, cause it had serious midi issue’s. It’s great for audio, but when it came to composing music, it was a constant battle, and I really needed something with a little less crash-ability. With CP8, I haven’t had any crashes, but these large sessions require more power, which the MacPro Xeon 3.33GHz isn’t able to deliver.

Did you by chance find that podcast?

I am in the same situation looking to upgrade my machine and I have been hearing just glorious things about the iMac 5k, but I too deal with some larger orchestral and hybrid music while running video, so I hope 32GB will be enough - but I’m worried it won’t be and I’ll have to waste money and time in a year from now.

I never found the podcast, but I did purchase the Mac Pro 8 core / 64GB ram / Dual AMD FirePro D500 / 512 flash drive.

I also bought 2 of these:

for my SSD and HDD.

If you do a lot of orchestral, you’re going to need 64 GB of ram. Also, I know someone who scores huge blockbusters, and was told to get the 8 core. The 12 core isn’t worth it for the extra 5% gain. The 8 is the perfect balance. Sternberg also recommended getting the 8 over the 12.

Great, that settles it, then. I’ll be going 8-core and 64GB.


Good move. Get your ram here:

Lowest price online.

I’m thinking of the same upgrade. A few questions:

  1. Since the Trashcan is already almost 3 years old, what is the over under for new tech being right around the corner in the way of flagships?

  2. Audio Interface. I currently use 3 2408’s coming out of one Pci-e card. I suppose that won’t work anymore. Any suggestions? FYI, I really don’t need that many inputs but do need at least 8-10 outputs.

  3. Does the video configuration matter for a DAW system? I plan to run a 55-65 inch 4k monitor as my video screen from within cubase…Do I need the fancier graphics card?

  4. Hard Drives. I currently have an OWC mercury Raid Enclosure [] connected via a Sonnet card. These will no longer work. Any solutions?

Thanks so much