Mac Pro users-6.02?

Howdy. I have the C6 upgrade, but have been busy and not wanting to mess around.
That said, I’ve been reading some stuff about crackles and pops and various odd behaviors with 6.02.

I’m about to make the plunge-Mac Pro users, please share your 6.02 experiences-thanks!

Works fine for me. I havnt experienced any cracks or pop in audio.

Same here. No problems with audio. Just a few crashes here and there. But nothing crazy.

thank you. Anyone else…?Any showstoppers?

I’m on a Mac Pro 6 core 3.33ghz/16gb RAM. OSX 10.6.7

I have to say, 6.0.2 (32bit) is not an improvement for me… I seem to be getting way more application crashes (disappears) than on 6.0.0. There’s no audio crackles or anything, but it vanishes often, and is starting to worry me a bit.

I should point out that I have done a number of upgrades recently, including VE Pro… Wallander WIVI, UAD 5.9, Native Instruments, Alchemy etc…

However, one thing’s for certain - the number of crashes has increased considerably since 6.0.2. I’m looking at downgrading back to 6.0.0, although I’m not sure if that’ll cause even more issues with opening 0.2 projects in 0.0… I’m going to attempt the rather painful experience of working in 64bit mode to see if that improves things.


Hmmm. That’s pretty much what I want to find out. Any other Mac Pro users with the same experience?

It does seem that there are a fair amount of issues with 6.02 across the Mac/PC board- 's why I’m asking.

Well its little complicated cause in 6.0.0 bifilter2 crashed a lot now it doesnt anymore but it crashes in other places now occasionaly.Pitch shifting one time i remember.Only rare small things, overall it works wery well on my macbookpro 2010 i5.I just wish i could even open more plugs

Thanks-anybody else?

Actually, the 64 bit version seems to be a lot more stable, I’ve been working in it for a couple of days now without a crash.

If we were able to open Waves, and multiple plugin windows in the 64 bit version… I would be a happy camper (although that says more about waves and other non-64 bit plugins than Cubase).

I would imagine the memory requirements are slightly different, perhaps this version uses a little bit more, and as I was stacking my template to the maximum in 32bit mode, the update pushed the memory overhead into dangerous territory and thus, frequent crashes.

Hope that helps

For now I’ve used a lot the sample editor, the pool and hitpoints at 44,1 kHz with 6.02/32 bit (and the built in audio). Cubase vanishes quite frequently, several times a day. Never had this with 4 and 5. I went directly to 6.02 so I don’t know how behaved 6.00 and 6.01. And I started using it with fresh preferences (no import from 5).

OTOH I’ve used it a little as a sequencer and it seemed OK.

(Mac Book, OS X 10.6.7)

6.02 works fine here. I had a few random crashes with 6.01 working mostly in the key editor but none with 6.02 so far.
I also don’t experience crackles or latency increase with 6.02 as others have reported in another thread, neither on my Mac Pro nor on my Macbook Pro. But I don’t use any Steinberg plugins and at the moment my projects are rather small, only a handful of VI’s and a few effects (at a buffer of 128 samples).

I should add that im running 32 bit on a quad 3.0/4GB RAM. Recent project has 60+ tracks including about 20 VST’s, midi, audio and several instances of waves and other dynamics. Stable for me at a low buffer.

Very solid- no problems here. The only crashes I’ve had have involved Redline Reverb, but it did in 4 & 5 as well, so it’s likely not a Cubase issue.

No issues with Play, Kontakt, Omnisphere, Spaces, Sonnox, UAD or Waves plugs. Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver working fine- no problems with n12, MR816 csx or Motif XS8.

I’m working in 32 bit @ 1024. I can’t comment on lower latencies as I monitor off the board

Hope that helps

I was crashing like Amelia Earhart in 6.02…Just backed down to 6.01 - still crashing occasionally, but seems to be less.